We have over 13 years of litigation experience. We have represented thousands of individuals in employment and consumer cases. And we have recovered millions of dollars for employees and consumers.


Although we focus on representing employees and consumers, we have significant experience representing corporations and handling defense work. We believe this makes us a well-rounded firm with invaluable insight into defense strategies and large corporations’ inner-workings and decision-making processes.


Our clients come first. We provide our clients with multiple ways to contact us. We quickly return calls and respond to email communications. We essentially are always available to answer questions, to address any concerns and frustrations clients may have about their case or the legal process, and to lead our clients through the maze of litigation. We are fortunate to have developed lasting relationships with our clients that extend far beyond litigation. In short, we want our clients to feel good about their legal representation.


It is important that our clients stay well informed about their case. We strive to routinely communicate with our client and be easily accessible. We make sure our clients understand their legal issues and stay informed about their case so that they can make appreciate decisions and feel in control.


We will honestly evaluate your case. If there is no case or if your case has weaknesses, we will tell you.


People often think that the best lawyers are those that consistently battle with opposing counsel, act like a bully, and do not compromise on anything. We have enough experience to know that approach isn’t practical because it often increases the length and expense of litigation. That certainly doesn’t serve our clients’ best interests.

We have developed great working relationship with opposing counsel, which helps us obtain positive results for our clients in a more quick and efficient manner. Of course we are always prepared to take our gloves off when appropriate. We will work the best angle to obtain positive results for our clients.